Watch: The Trailer For The New Series Of Will & Grace Is Here!


Get ready, Will & Grace fans because the new season is almost here! As fans will already be aware, the series is heading back to our screens later this year, and a new trailer has landed. Get ready for fast-talking fun with a musical number thrown in (yes, really).

We see stars Eric McCormack, and Debra Messing step out of the NBC offices after agreeing to reprise their roles. McCormack is elated to be doing the series, but Messing doesn’t share his enthusiasm.

“I’m busy,” she says. “I just don’t know if I have the time to do this.”

“Busy?” quips McCormack. “All you do is Instagram!”

In a bid to convince Messing, he takes her back down memory lane to their former set, and well, it all starts happening.

The hit comedy series ran for eight years, starring Eric McCormack and the ageless Debra Messing as best friends Will, a gay lawyer, and Grace, an interior designer with Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally as Jack, Will’s flamboyant best friend and Karen, Grace’s lazy assistant. It more than made a mark, having won 16 Emmy Awards and was praised for breaking down barriers for the LGBT community and bringing the topic to the forefront of popular culture.

NBC has ordered ten episodes of a Will & Grace to air in 2017.

Watch the trailer below:

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