Watch: Katie Holmes Is Asked Who Is The Better Dawson’s Creek Kisser

Remember Dawson’s Creek? Stupid question. We all remember Dawson’s Creek, but no one as well as its star Katie Holmes, obviously.

Asides from her marriage to Tom Cruise, the hugely popular TV show arguably remains her most well-known work, so trust Late Late Show host James Corden to ask Holmes the age-old Dawson’s Creek question: who was the better kisser, Dawson or Pacey? (Yours truly is Team Pacey, now and forever).

Squirming in her seat – literally – the 37-year-old had to dodge a bullet, probably because Joshua Jackson is her ex and it’s just really, really awkward. Luckily, man-of-the-moment Ryan Reynolds swoops in to help Holmes out and quips,”I went to high school with Josh, and I can tell you right now he’s a terrific kisser…”

Watch below and judge for yourselves, but we say her face gives the game away:

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