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We have found the skirt of the summer – here’s how to wear it

by Edaein OConnell
22nd Jun 2020

The tennis skirt is the unofficial skirt of the summer – here is how to wear it and buy seven of the best online right now

There is comfort to be found in a bandwagon.

Though it’s branded as negative discourse, I feel bandwagons can be a place of solace. Particularly during times of strife and global pandemics.

I hold my hand up and say I jump onto whatever bandwagon will take me.

From sports teams to pop stars to TV shows, if it’s fashionable or culturally relevant, I want it.

Fashion bandwagons are all-encompassing. In the year 2020, the fashion chain isn’t merely a trip from wholesaler to store with some marketing in between. Now, there is social media to play with, and influencers who have magic powers that make you buy pieces you never thought you would ever wear.

Us mortals are not immune to this sorcery because the power of influence happened upon me just last week.

TikTok took over my life in October of 2019. First, it was dog videos and bad dances, but soon the algorithm picked on my fashion fancies and I was exposed to the world of Generation Z clothing. The young guns call their outfits ‘fits’ and make unnecessary yet achingly cool videos while wearing them.

One ‘fit’ engulfing the Gen-Z consciousness is the tennis skirt.

Tennis skirt fit

The tennis skirt has begun to twirl its way into my vision and at first, I vehemently denied having any attraction towards it. However, the gods of Facebook must have known, and so more and more images of tennis skirts began to take up space on my feed.



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Traditionally, tennis skirts do exactly what they say on the tin. They are worn for tennis purposes only. They are short (most require a pair of shorts underneath) and roomy, allowing for maximum freedom on the court. I don’t play tennis nor do I ever intend to, but the bandwagon was gaining traction on relevancy road and well, I had to have it.

Because of the popularity, it was exceptionally difficult to find a tennis skirt that appealed to my sense of style. The Nike versions were too micro, the classic Lacoste too expensive and the Fila version I had my heart set on was sold out.

So I turned to the high-street and my manifestation was brought forth.



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To be blunt, tennis skirts are pleated skater skirts under another name. Skater skirts hit peak fashion notoriety around the time peplum skirts became Tumblr catnip and soon lost their fame. But skater skirts are one of the most flattering items you can buy. The cinched-in waist defines the figure while the pleated out shape skims beautifully over the hips.

Thankfully, the high-street has never stopped churning them out.

While my Fila tennis skirt dream has to be pushed aside, Bershka offered me a shiny new fantasy on a silver platter.



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Available in three colours, the skirt fits like a dream and is undeniably flattering. The white design is perfect for summer, while the black version will last you well into the autumn months when worn with tights.

The tennis skirt is the skirt of the summer. It’s comfortable, easy to wear, complimentary and most of all, fun to wear. In the times we find ourselves in, enjoyment has never been more vital and our clothes are one way to create it in abundance.



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Whether you choose the Bershka bargain or the Lacoste investment, the beauty is in how you style it. Some are doing a Wimbledon on it by making the look entirely sport luxe but there is so much more you can do. Wear with a vintage t-shirt and trainers for a look to make Gen-Z question your age. Pair with a sleeveless polo neck and ankle boots for a 1960s homage.

Or wear with a relaxed shirt and sandals for a preppy high summer look.

Whatever you do wear it with confidence and believe in the bandwagon.

Because I have hopped straight on it without a ticket and it looks like I won’t be getting off anytime soon.

Our top picks

Pleated mini skirt, €19.99 at Bershka

ASOS Design tennis mini skirt, €27.65 at ASOS

Daisy Street plus mini skirt in vintage check, €24.87 at ASOS

Fila Lelani black pleated mini skirt, €49 at Urban Outfitters

Beige belted two-tone mini skirt, €393 at Net A Porter

Women’s Lacoste sport tennis technical skirt, €85 at Lacoste

Tory Sport crepe mini skirt, €140 at Net A Porter

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