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Motherhood and new beginnings on a special new episode of Smart Casual

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27th Mar 2019
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Smart Casual is IMAGE’s first fashion podcast, in collaboration with Kildare Village. In our bi-weekly chats, we examine why we wear the clothes we do and deal with personal style in a way that speaks to you.

A lot is changing here at Smart Casual HQ, and you’ll be experiencing a few changes to the show in the coming months. One-third of the Smart Casual team, our lovely co-host Dominique McMullan is heading off to become a mammy. She’ll be back in a few months’ time, but while she’s gone, we needed to find someone who could fill her shoes — and we can’t imagine anyone better than this week’s guest, Sarah Rickard. Sarah has been one of Ireland’s most successful stylists, having worked as chief stylist at Tatler magazine for six years before going freelance and working on some of the nation’s most memorable shoots and covers (including some of our favourites here at IMAGE). Sarah herself has always been addicted to fashion, and from a young age was putting her styling flair to the test with whatever garments she could get her hands on. On this week’s episode, she and Dominique share a chat about her career to date, her thoughts about the modern fashion industry, and how her personal style impacts her career as a stylist.

Rather fittingly, this week’s episode theme is all about (you guessed it) motherhood. While Dominique is the only soon-to-be mammy in the booth, all of our hosts have thoughts about how their own mothers have shaped their ideas about fashion, styling and letting your personality shine through your outfit. Marie, Dominique and Edaein spend their last episode all together discussing how their mams have moulded their style identities.

Episode 14 of Smart Casual, in collaboration with Kildare Village, is available now on SoundCloud and iTunes – make sure to like, subscribe and rate us wherever you enjoy your podcasts. Smart Casual is hosted by Dominique McMullan, Marie Kelly and Édaein O’Connell, and produced by Erin Lindsay. If you can’t wait to download, have a listen to the new episode below:

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