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How To Wear Orange Without Looking Like One

by Niamh ODonoghue
04th Jul 2017

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Want to get onboard with this year’s orange?trend but want to avoid looking tangoed? Take a look at our three-step guide on wearing orange like a pro.

It’s known fact that some colours just don’t suit certain skin types, and that’s okay. Now, that’s not to say that they shouldn’t be worn, but caution (extreme caution, in some cases) should be taken. Orange can be a harsh colour – for both the wearer and everyone else around them – but it doesn’t have to be. Here are three simple hacks to turn your wardrobe from anti-orange into a tangerine dream.

Start small

Introducing a new colourway into your wardrobe can be challenging – especially if your wardrobe is an assortment of neutrals, blacks, greys, and whites. Adding small accents like orange socks, or even orange shoes (how nice are these Vans Classics?), is a perfect way to subtly add vibrancy to your wardrobe without going totally overboard. In the words of Drake; started from the bottom, now we here.

Premium relaxed jeans, Mango, €29.95,?Oversized Fishnet Ankle Socks In Peach, Asos, €2.03, Exaggerated Big Metal Ring Metal Hoop belt,, €5, short sleeve t-shirt, €12.95, Suede old school shoes,, €80.

Have fun with monochrome

Monochrome doesn’t just mean black and white, you know. Push the boundaries of black and white by adding vibrant and eye-catching orange tones. The beauty of working with monochrome is that the wearer can contradict how vibrant or muted the monochromatic pairing is. For instance, pairing your tango with black will be more gentle to the eye, whereas wearing white can make the colour appear brighter and more saturated. It’s also a great way to experiment with texture: I love this sequence flame t-shirt below paired with a houndstooth printed skirt and suede shoes. Very modern rock chic, no?

Sequinned flames t-shirt, Zara, €7.99,?Midi A-Line Dogtooth Print Skirt, Gucci, €790,?Tab Detail Leather Small Crossover, &OtherStories, €110,?Leticia rickrack-trimmed suede sandals, Tabitha Simmons, €495.

?Get tangoed

Because isn’t life is too short not to dress head-to-toe orange? Clash different orange and mango tones together with an array of textures for a look that’s eye-catching and dazzling. You’ll look as gorgeous as a summer’s sunset.

Off-shoulder top, Mango, €12.95, Flat Slingback?shoes, Zara, €59.95, Suede pouch bag with a chain, H&M, €59.95, Folk you up earrings, Doodad&Fandango, €64.01, Eyelet Wrap Midi Skirt, Topshop, €76.

Still in need of some inspiration? Take a look at our gallery above and see how the pros are tackling orange around the world at Fashion Week.