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Cult perfume brand Le Labo is now a lot easier to buy in Ireland

Cult niche perfume brand Le Labo just got a lot easier to buy.

by Holly O'Neill
23rd Feb 2021

Read time: 3 minutes

Le Labo has been available in The Loop at Dublin Airport since 2018, but unless you had a flight booked – and a visit to Le Labo would be reason enough to book one – you couldn’t get your hands on Le Labo anywhere else. They’re now available online at Brown Thomas, meaning you no longer have to settle for dousing yourself in every fragrance and picking up a bottle in a panic pre-flight.

Le Labo, created in Grasse in France and based in New York, is a cult perfume brand despite being niche and hard to get your hands on. You’re probably most familiar or have at least taken a whiff of someone wearing Santal 33, the notorious crowd-pleaser of the group. If you don’t know Le Labo (meaning ‘The Lab’ in French), it is the antithesis of the celebrity fragrance. No flashy, exorbitant packaging, no shiny marketing, just apothecary-esque medicinal looking bottles and candles with rare launches and a very expensive price tag.

Le Labo is very, very French, high-end, maybe a little pretentious, staggeringly overpriced but these are all qualities I am unfortunately absolutely enamoured with putting on my face and body so we’ll leave them off.

Not prepared to pay big money for a perfume or a candle that you haven’t smelled yet? Try out the scents first via the shower gels and body creams. If you’re currently living back at home with your parents, or homeschooling children while somehow also working, you’ll be grateful for the shower gels for your long showers, the only private moment to yourself of the day. I once stayed in a fancy hotel that had them in the bathroom (!) and have been rationing them for extra-fancy showers ever since. Yes, €30 – €50 is extraordinarily expensive for a shower gel, but they’re 237ml so they last ages, and you shouldn’t deny yourself the life-changing magic of a truly extraordinary, maximalist shower.

Check out some heroes from the range below.

Shop Le Labo from Brown Thomas here.

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