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The Secret to Harry Styles Amazing Skin

12th Mar 2015

Despite being of the male species, Harry Styles has skin so glowing, it’s the envy of women the world over. But does he concern himself with the wacky facials and Goop-like rituals usually reserved for the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow? Yes, yes he does. Being the tender age of 21 certainly helps but as for the secret to this One Directioner’s supermodel skin? €325 sheep placenta facials, and lots of ’em.

This news comes directly from Grazia, who spoke with Styles’ A-list dertamologist and ‘aesthetician’ Louise Deschamps. She revealed that Harry is a mega fan of the stem cell facials which, for those of you who’ve just been put off your roast lamb dinner, makes use of the stem cells from nutrient-dense sheep placenta. Apparently Harry is a regular visitor to Dr Harold Lancer’s Beverly Hills clinic in LA where they use only the best of New Zealand’s livestock. ‘Harry comes to see me… It’s not unusual for young men to come to me.’

After months spent on tour with late nights and heavy partying – lifestyles of the rich and famous, eh? – Harry likes to de-clog his skin of all those toxins.


‘He gets all clogged up… Putting on make-up all the time and travelling a lot plays havoc with his skin. He’s just so adorable. He takes care of himself and loves the facials. He likes to look good and have good skin.?

But what’s so special about this sheep goo? Sheep placenta facials have long been a celebrity favourite for the very fact that they are jam-packed with nutrients that tackle free radical damage and other skin-related nasties. Go for one of these bad boys and you’ll glow more than a happy pregnant woman. The Beckhams are also believed to be fans.

?Victoria and David come quite often, when they are in town. It’s hard for them to come in every four to six weeks because they don’t live here. But they come as often as they can. Victoria is very beautiful and has great skin. We love to see her. She is such an ambassador for beauty and fashion’ Louise said to Grazia.

Would you try this facial?



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