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Secrets from Brilliant Brow Artists

by Bill O'Sullivan
19th Feb 2015

They pluck, thread, tint and can bring your brows back from bald exile. We catch up with this year’s Business of Beauty nominees in the Best Brow Artist category for the skinny on sculpting triumphant arches. #imagebob15

Are we over big bold 3D brows?

?Did we ever really like them? I have yet to meet a person that the ?Scouse brow? suits. It is more about tailoring the brow shape to each face. Not looking like a four year old got their hands on a black marker to your face.?

Miriam Costello, Enchant Beauty, Limerick

Good eyebrows and bad eyelashes or visa versa, if you had to choose?

?Eyebrows for sure, they totally define your face.?

Kim O?Sullivan, Kim O? Sullivan Brows

?I’d definitely prefer better eyelashes. At least you can have Embrowdery to help bad brows. My friend recently lost her eyelashes due to chemotherapy. I had never even thought about how fortunate I am to have eyelashes until then. It really brings to light the things that you can take for granted that we are so lucky to have in our day to day life.?

Libby Ryan, Elysian Brows

Is there any product that actually makes your eyebrows grow?

?Yes, it’s called Latisse. Originally produced as a cure for loss of vision, they found that a side effect of this drug was rapid growth of eyelashes. The active ingredient stimulates hair follicles and holds them in the growth phase for longer, so it works great on brows too. ?After twelve weeks committed use, the hair is noticeably longer and thicker. Alas, even though it’s made in Cork, it is currently only on sale in the US, but hopefully will be available in the EU soon. Until then you have to pick some up while over there.?

Elaine Mc Parland, Up To My Eyes

Is it true that eyebrows can be trained into a certain shape?

?To a certain extent with help from different products such as brow gels etc, but if the natural brow hairs are not there and just don’t grow, there is not a whole lot you can do with them regarding shape. ?That’s why Embrowdery semi-permanent brows, are great for creating the perfect shape brow, which everyone wants on a more permanent basis.?

Rebecca Greene, Vintage Glamour

Glittery stickers, diamante appendages and even safety pins were are all over brows on the runways this season? Have designers lost the plot?

?Not for a day-to-day look but that’s the fun of fashion – you can play around with things. I can see it being a trend for summer fesitvals though.?

Miriam Costello, Enchant Beauty, Limerick

Celebrity Browspiration?

?It’s got to be Jennifer Lopez. ?Notice the lighter shade of brows than her hair colour, the soft definition and the fullness throughout,?there are no sharp arches. It’s her own natural shape but enhanced and polished to perfection.?

Kim O?Sullivan, Kim O? Sullivan Brows

?Kate Winslet is my brow icon. She’s a great example of how healthy, beautifully-shaped brows can keep you looking young as the years start passing! I also think that especially given her colouring, and that her hair changes quite often, her brow colour has always remained perfect.?

Liz Farrely, The Brow Artist

Holy Grail eyebrow product?

?Currently its Anastasia’s Brow Wiz, I won’t leave the house without it on! Perfect for finer brows with minor imperfections, great for filling in little gaps.?

Libby Ryan, Elysian Brows.

To show your love for these brow queens or any other of you beloved your glam squad nominated in this years? Business of Beauty Awards, you can vote here. Do it every damn day. #imagebob15

Book your tickets here now to reserve your place at the 2nd Annual IMAGE Business of Beauty Awards, March 22 at 6.30pm in Dublin’s Doubletree by Hilton. We look forward to seeing you there!

Cecilia Lacombe & Irene Molloy

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