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Older Women Advise On Living Without Pressure In Sanctuary Campaign

by Jeanne Sutton
14th Sep 2015

Skincare advertising really knows how to prey on the emotions. Between Dove tacking self-esteem and those Dermablend videos, tears are always queuing. This time round, it’s everyone’s Christmas bath set favourite Sanctuary who are on the empathy prowl, with a short video of older women speaking to younger members of the sex doing the rounds. And we have to admit, over-produced script and all, it’s good. In the video, the older women with more life experience speak compassionately to the camera about the importance of taking a step back. Something they are aware is hard in today’s world.

Sanctuary says they made the video in response to a survey from earlier this year, wherein nearly half of the female participants said they were ?feeling moderately or extremely stressed? and 40% felt like they’re about to burn out.?That’s some sobering feedback. But is it surprising? In the era of the to-do list and fifty bloody apps reminding you of all those goals. And various personalities saying the goal to personal fulfillment lies in clearing our pantries and cupboards of anything not grown in an organic allotment. And employers sending you emails as you’re on the way home to try and calm the headache?that has been brewing since lunch.

Modern life is a knife edge, where having it all and doing it all are synonyms. Can whoever first said they don’t have a work-life balance but rather a work-life blend please stand up and leave the classroom.

Here’s the video. Does it speak to you?

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