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Getting to Know Chloe Boucher

01st Apr 2015

Your new best friend in beauty…

Attention, beauty enthusiasts. There’s a name you ought to become familiar with, and we suggest you do so now: Chloe Boucher. Why? She’s Irish, she’s 22, she’s got her own unique take on the beauty industry nailed and, with her social platforms skyrocketing to the most impressive of heights, she’s the next big thing.

She’s a pro when it comes to make-up application (she’s qualified too), creating the most beautiful, achievable looks and best of all, showing us that it’s not half as hard as it may seem. So, to say we’re excited to be featuring her not-to-be-missed video tutorials exclusively on, would be quite the understatement.

First though, let’s get to know this young lady who’s already amassed a loyal legion of fans (45,000 on Instagram alone!).

How does one get to 45,000 Instagram followers? Personally, I think it’s a combination of things. Find something you’re passionate about and stick to it whether it’s beauty, fashion, lifestyle, etc. because you’ll come across more genuine, and people will pick up on that. Good quality pictures are also so important and good lighting is your best friend! I just use my iPhone camera, and natural lighting is usually best. Also, using hashtags that relate to your post means people can search and find your images/profile and potentially follow you!

How did you find yourself in this career? I’ve always been into beauty and makeup from a young age. My older sister Jessie is six years older than me, so I used to watch her and her friends get ready for nights out and loved watching them do their makeup, tan and hair. I also started watching YouTube makeup/hair/beauty tutorials from the age of about 14/15 and I’d practise makeup on myself all the time. By the time I was in 5th year, I had a fair idea that I wanted to go on to do makeup. I always wanted to get into blogging/YouTubing but always put it off, until last year!

Who are your YouTube/Instagram inspirations? On YouTube there’s so many because I’ve been into it for years! I love Shaaanxo, Nicole Guerriero, Karissa Pukas, Lauren Curtis, Wayne Goss, Huda Kattan, Desi Perkins, MsRoshPosh. The list goes on. And on Instagram I follow a variety of accounts. Makeup artists, models, beauty bloggers and fashion bloggers etc. It’s all the above-mentioned plus @anastasiabeverlyhills, @makeupbymario, @sheridynfisher, @angelcandices, @makeupbyevon. Again I could go on and on!

💄 All makeup details in the previous post #makeup #anastasiabeverlyhills #hdbrows #bblogger #simplemakeup

A photo posted by Chlo? Boucher (@chloeboucher) on Mar 15, 2015 at 7:07am PDT

💄 All makeup details in the previous post #makeup #anastasiabeverlyhills #hdbrows #bblogger #simplemakeup

What do you think separates you from other beauty YouTubers/instagrammers? I’m extremely honest when I mention products. I’ve recently started to receive a lot of products and I only mention ones I actually like and use. I don’t bash products but if I don’t like something I simply won’t review it. Plus, my Instagram/ Facebook/YouTube is all me! All the pictures and videos are taken by myself and I personally write each post. I don’t have a team looking after any of my social media like some of the big American YouTubers which I think people like as it makes it more personal. I’m also a qualified makeup artist so I have a better understanding of products and I have a lot of knowledge and experience with makeup and beauty. I tend to get a lot of mails from girls asking about beauty advice, and I love to help them out as much as I can!

Who’s your fan base?
From what I see it’s girls (and some guys!) ranging from the age of about 15 to about 35. Plus my mom, aunt and their friends. They’re constantly sharing my posts on their social media haha!?

Do you think your style is particularly Irish?
Not really. I think it’s because I follow so many American and Australian vloggers (video-bloggers) and a lot of Scandinavian fashion bloggers so I’m influenced by a lot of different people! I think it’s good to take inspiration from different people and cultures, etc. and create your own style. Although, I’m obviously influenced by my own culture too!

What do Irish women get right? And wrong? We’re very good at doing ourselves up with makeup, fake tan, hair, etc. If you look at other cultures, women barely know how to apply fake tan and don’t have a clue what contouring is or don’t know how to use a curling iron! We’re quite on the ball with new products and techniques and constantly eager to try the next best thing! I find Irish women are always talking about new products and what worked for them or what didn’t.?

On the flip side, I think we can sometimes overdo it with makeup, fake tan and hair, I’m personally guilty of this! We need to embrace our natural beauty instead of masking or changing it. Recently, I’ve been trying to apply the rule of “less is more” which I’m finding difficult! I also think a lot of Irish women have all the latest products but don’t know how to use them or what to do with them! This is why YouTube tutorials are becoming so popular because people can watch in their own time and learn how to achieve a makeup look or how to use certain products, so they don’t have products going to waste at home!?

Desert island product – just one?
This is so hard for me; I’m a product junkie! Presuming the island I’m on has great weather, I’ll have a natural tan and my hair will naturally lighten, ha! I’d pick suncream, so I don’t get cremated, and it’ll keep my skin hydrated. I hate the feeling of dry skin!

Finally got around to filming a makeup tutorial on this makeup look! Probably my number one most requested video! Now time to edit.. Keep an eye out for when it’s uploaded 😉😘?? #makeup #youtuber #bblogger #nofilter #makeupinspo

Stay tuned for our first video with Chloe this Saturday April 4th! Follow Chloe on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube all at @chloeboucher



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