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5 easy Halloween make-up looks using products you already have

by Hannah Hillyer
15th Oct 2018

halloween make-up

Looking for an easy win in the costume-stakes this Halloween? Go for a simple but impactful make-up look, using nothing but the products you already have

There are two types of people at Halloween; those that really go for it and rent/make an extravagant costume (think Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls) and those that throw a costume together at the last minute.

Now if you’re the latter, to avoid the inevitable ‘sexy’ costume (dressing up as anything and tacking the word sexy onto it) we have a list of easy ideas that you can achieve with the contents of your make-up bag. And, no, we are not going to advocate drawing on whiskers and a cute nose — you can be more creative than that, right?


Image via Instagram

If you want a more retro vibe try impersonating style icon, Twiggy. This 60’s look is easy to achieve if you have some eyeliner and a steady hand. After you’ve done your classic cat flicks, mirror these with a line along your socket bone. Then, draw lashes along your bottom lash-line as well as applying fake ones on top. Don’t forget to finish off with a slick of nude lipstick and a smattering of freckles. Pair with a shorter than short black mini and white boots to ramp up the 60’s vibes.

Fortune Teller

Image via Instagram

Channel your inner psychic and dress up as a fortune teller, dark smokey eyes with a hint of purple will do the trick. Get creative with gold necklaces and layer them around your forehead to look as mystical as possible. You’ll also hopefully get a second wear out of any boho-inspired festival look you wore this summer.


Image via Instagram

The only extra you’ll need for this one is some white face paint for your spots, or if you’re super stuck try using some white/cream eyeshadow with a wet brush for stronger pigment payoff. Everything else you can achieve with bronzer, brown eyeshadow and lots of mascara, you want those peepers looking as doe-eyed as possible. Some twigs from the garden clipped into your hair also make a great set of antlers and will look like you made more effort than you did!


Image via Instagram

Those shimmery blue and pink shades that sit untouched in your make-up palettes can finally be used! Using a pair of old fishnets, pat your eyeshadow over them on top of the skin, this will give you pastel scales fit for a mermaid. Take them as far down the neck as possible and add lots of glitter. Go heavy on the highlighter and anything shimmery with this look, you want to look like an underwater glistening goddess. For what to wear, pop on anything you own that’s shimmery/pastel coloured and you’re good to go.

Wednesday Adams

Image via Instagram

A classic fall back, and so easy if you have long, dark hair already. After you’ve achieved the Wednesday Adams’ plaits, go dark with the make-up, heavy brows, dark lips and lots of dark grey as contour and eyeshadow. The easiest outfit of all as we all own a black dress — just fire a white shirt underneath and you’re done!

Now you have a few alternative, and hopefully easy looks, you should be able to avoid the predictable cat ears. But, if you absolutely have to go as something cat-related, at least make it a leopard. Draw on some spots with bronzer and liquid eyeliner as a bit of an upgrade on just the nose/whiskers combo. Also, you’re almost guaranteed to have something leopard print in your wardrobe this season to pair with it.

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