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Do your beauty needs change as you get older?

by Ellie Balfe
15th Apr 2015


Annie Gribbin brought the iconic beauty brand, MAKE UP FOR EVER, from Paris to Dublin and has since been one of the countries top makeup artists with years of commercial, fashion and beauty tutelage under her belt. We quizzed her about how to change up your beauty regime once the big Four-Oh approaches…

How do you feel skin changes over 40?
Once you hit 40, your skin starts to become thinner and your complexion can look lacklustre. Hormonal changes also bring their own set of challenges and you’ll notice that skin can feel drier, look less plump and lines appear deeper. While we can’t stop the ageing process, with the right make-up we can achieve a fresh, youthful glow every day!

What is your top makeup tip to women over 40?
Change your routine! By the time they hit their 40s, most women have been doing their make-up for over 20 years and think they have the perfect routine. However, skin changes and what worked a couple of years ago just won’t look good now. I’d urge all women to shake up their make-up routine and equip themselves with new skills that will ensure they have a flawless look for years to come.

What do you notice women doing wrong as their skin ages?
Many women try to disguise an ageing complexion by applying layer after layer of heavy make-up but this has the opposite effect. When you’re over 40, it’s not about quantity, it’s quality. Too much make up can rest in lines and wrinkles and make your face look ?caked?. If you apply the right products correctly, you’ll achieve a flawless base and then you can have some fun experimenting with eye and lip colours.

How frequently do you think women should invest in a completely new makeup look?
I think every decade warrants a refresh. For teens, it’s all about playing with colour and discovering what you like. Women in their 20s generally find their go-to look but still experiment with trends. In their 30s, women know what they like and they purchase quality make-up that they know will work.
In their 40s and beyond, unfortunately, many women don’t break their make-up routine and wonder why their tried and tested products and techniques aren’t working anymore. That’s why I decided to dedicate a masterclass to this age group to show women that with a little guidance, they can adopt a new routine and see fantastic results in an instant.

What is your personal favourite product? One you can’t live without.
It’s so difficult to choose just one!?I can’t live without the Make Up For Ever UV Prime. This primer is a lifesaver; it moisturises the skin, ensures that make-up goes on smoothly and it also has SPF 50 to help protect against UVA and UVB rays that can really age the skin.?And for make-up you can’t beat a good lip liner to add volume and shape to mature lips and a black eyeliner to add definition.

For details on Annie’s latest course see ?www.MUFE.ie/courses or phone 01 679 9043 to secure your place.


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