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Colourists Share Their Best Advice

03rd Mar 2015

Want to know how to make your highlights sing and your greys go away? We grill this year’s BOB Best Colourist nominees on the key to a great dye job. #imagebob15

The celebrity’s hair colour you’re crushing on right now?

?I love fun bold colours that add a little flair to a look. Whether it’s subtle or wild. Alexa Chung and Rita Ora would both be classy yet fun celebrities who are willing?to?try something different. I like that. Non-traditional and?cool.?

Tamar Chambers, Robert Chambers

Should a good colourist be able to dye your hair really fast?

?NO! A good colourist will never take shortcuts and take the longer route to a goal colour. It’s often the best way to ensure the quality of the hair is maintained. It’s a rule of mine. There is no point in having the colour you want if the hair isn’t able to reflect it with good quality. Each colour and consultation I do, is done with their haircut, lifestyle and personality in mind! They wear their hair more than any outfit purchased so it has to represent them and the hair’s integrity should never be compromised.?

Niamh O’Connor, Preen

What’s the key to being a good colourist?

?Always find the’simplest and kindest route for?the condition of?the hair. Consider all variables – hair condition, skin tone and manageability before approaching a direction for colour change.?

Tamar Chambers, Robert Chambers

?Mentally assess your client as they arrive into the salon: from what they are wearing, to the way they move and act, before making a colour choice. More often than not the client doesn’t realise how far they can push themselves out of their comfort zone.?

Aimee Cummins, Eden Hair Salon Waterford

?Trusting my gut feeling, it’s generally the right choice. Spend time on the consultation, try and have as much clarity as possible.?

Shane Byrne, Staunton Byrne

Favourite Instagram colour inspiration?

?Bleach London!(https://instagram.com/bleachlondon).?

Danielle Garner, Style Club

?I always get fun ideas and inspo from Sebastian’s account (https://instagram.com/sebastianpro_official)?,

Shane Byrne, Staunton Byrne

?I love Bumbles account for wild and beautiful ideas. (https://instagram.com/bumbleandbumble).?

Niamh O’Connor, Preen

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