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3 Make-Up Brush Cleaners That Won’t Break The Bank

by Holly O'Neill
07th Jun 2017

Here’s three cheap but effective products for cleaning your make-up brushes and how to use them.

Let’s be honest, we could all probably do with cleaning our make-up brushes a bit more. It helps them maintain their quality, avoids a build-up of make-up which will just make your face look muddy and think of the bacteria that builds up when you use them over and over. Think of all the surfaces you leave them down on, or when you throw them into your make-up bag! You wouldn’t use a manky face cloth or cotton wool pad over and over.

Also, think how fluffy your brushes are when you first buy them. A make-up brush that is hardened from not being cleaned will irritate your skin and cause redness. Dirty make-up tools will contaminate your beauty products too so even when you clean your brushes, your products might retain the bacteria. Then you’ll rub the build-up of make-up, oil and bacteria on your face and eyes.

So let’s all agree to avoid bacteria on our skin and eye infections and wash our make-up brushes more.

When it comes to cleaning your brushes, here’s the do’s and don’ts you need to know.


Do reshape your brushes after washing them.

Do lay your brushes down flat to dry on a clean towel, or let them dry upside down.


Don’t use conditioner on your brushes – if they become too soft they might lose their precision.

Don’t get the base of your brushes, the metal part or handle get wet.

Here’s three cheap but effective products for cleaning your brushes and how to use them.


This is a hard, natural soap for brushes and sponges. Moisten the soap with water and rub your brush bristles over the soap and lather. Wash the soap off fully in lukewarm water until it runs clear. Lay your brushes to dry and wipe the soap of any lather or makeup residue.


This gentle gel is designed for deep cleaning. Squeeze the gel into your palm, then lather your hands in warm water and swirl your brush bristles in the gel and water and rinse until clean.



This is a soy-based cleanser that comes with a handy adapter that you can sit your sponge in and press down. Liquid will spread through your sponge that will break down germs and draw out dirt. There’s a fresh lavender scent too.

Let us know your brush cleaning recommendations in the comments below!

Featured image: @spectrumcollections

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