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10 hilarious thoughts we’ve had while shaving in the shower

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17th Dec 2020
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If you’ve ever only bothered to shave your ankles so you can wear cropped jeans, we hear you… 

Although it’s a key part of so many of our shower routines, shaving can be one of those things that looks very different depending on what kind of mood you’re in (and how much time you have).

If you’re feeling a ‘treat yourself’ kind of vibe, it can be an elaborate process, where you carefully lather up your legs, relishing each long stroke you take. On the other hand, if you’re in a rush, sometimes it’s no more than a cursory running of the razor over the areas that need most attention, before a quick rinse and dash to get dressed.

No matter what your shaving experience looks like, we’ve all had little moments where we giggle to ourselves, whether it’s realising something you never noticed before, or laughing at your own laziness. Here are 10 funny thoughts we’ve had in the shower.

“How exactly are you meant to be under the water enough to stay warm without washing all the suds off your legs? I’m not a contortionist.”
A delicate balance that we may never master.

“Wow, how long have I missed shaving this armpit hair? Just how long can these things get, are we talking plaiting possibilities?”
*Makes mental note to search this later*

“Oh, on that note do not forget to shave your toes again, things are getting weird down there.”
Why do toes even have hair, anyway?

thoughts we've had while shaving

“What are we wearing today? Better just go for the cropped jeans — as much as I love that new skirt, I am not shaving further than my ankles today.”
Surely we’re not the only ones who make this the deciding factor in outfit choices?

“Although, if I don’t shave my legs properly, I’ll miss that incredible smooth feeling, which is basically the best part about having a shower.”
Truly, the silkiest legs in the land.

(After almost slipping and landing in a heap trying to see if you’ve missed anywhere on the backs of your legs) “Wow, I would not love explaining that to people when they asked about the bruise on my head.”
But how else are you meant to check?!

“I wish I had a little step in here to prop my foot up on. Ooh, potential business idea.”
All I need is the right branding. ShowerSTEP? Step n Shave? Trademark pending…

“I should really get a shower speaker, this is wasted time where I could be enjoying my incredible playlist”
Note to self: check if ‘Greatest ever shower tunes’ is taken as a playlist name. Prepare to go viral.

“Ugh, I’m nearly done, but I want to stay in here. Why is showering so great and the whole drying process so terrible?”
Is it too much to ask for a stand to hold my hairdryer for me?

“You’d think that after all these years of shaving my leg hairs would get the hint that they’re not wanted.”
Seriously, guys. It’s been long enough.

No matter what your thoughts or worries while shaving are, you don’t have to worry about the razor itself if you’re using BIC Miss Soleil Sensitive, which delivers a smooth shaving experience, with less skin irritation*.

With three independent moveable blades and a pivoting head to individually adjust to the contours of the body, lubricating strips with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for a smooth shave, and a guard bar that softly stretches your skin for a close shave, it’s a great choice for everyday use. Plus, we love the curved handle with its floral design.

To celebrate and empower real women, BIC Miss Soleil Sensitive has launched their latest campaign ‘The Real Side of Shaving’. Miss Soleil Sensitive want to show the real side of shaving in a way that that is honest, and supportive to all women. BIC Miss Soleil Sensitive razors are available in Boots and Dunnes Stores nationwide.

*vs BIC Miss Soleil

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