Will Neil Patrick Harris Be The Best Oscar Host Ever?

It'll be legen... wait for it...dary!

With the Oscars only days away, the excitement is building. What film's going to walk away with the most awards? Who's going to wear what? Will Kanye storm the stage and claim Jennifer Aniston deserved an Oscar ahead of Julianne Moore? What are we most excited about here at Image.ie, you ask? Well, we can't wait to see what Neil Patrick Harris has in store for us as he hosts the show for the first time.

Ever since Harris became the go to host for both the Tonys and the Emmys, it's been a case of when and not if the Oscars would come calling. The all singing, all dancing star has everything it takes to be a great host as he has proved on numerous occasions over the last few years.

Will he throwback to that epic duet with Hugh Jackman at the 2011 Tony awards when Jackman gave Harris some stick for not having hosted the Oscars before?


He showed his incredible versatiiity later on in that show when performing a rap during the closing credits based entirely on events which had taken place during the show. Being able to write something as witty and clever as that and perform it almost flawlessly is a pretty impressive feat.

Harris was the star of what is probably the greatest opening number to an awards ceremony in history. At the 2013 Tony Awards, they and Harris decided to go big on the opener and it paid off massively as they were met with rapturous applause and a standing ovation by the end of the eight or so minute spectacular.

Of course, the Oscars is a completely different show to both the Tonys and the Emmys. It's also got a much larger audience than any of those two so it remains to be seen whether Harris will be able to handle the pressure. In an interview with the Academy, Harris looks calm and composed but he knows what a huge deal the show is and is determined to do it justice.

So, as you can tell. Neil Patrick Harris is quite the aficionado when it comes to hosting award ceremonies and we can't imagine this weekend at the Oscars will be any different. In fact, we guaran-damn-tee it. Who's been your favourite Oscar host throughout the years?



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