Week 3 Fitness Plan: Go Easy On Yourself

Go easy on yourself...


When you set out on a new training program or take a different approach with your nutrition - the D word is not allowed - it is very easy to get caught up in it all. ?You are determined to stick to your goals, whatever the cost. ?You feel that if you're not tough enough on yourself you won't be successful. ?So what was supposed to be a positive experience of wellbeing becomes a regimen of self-criticism and judgement.?Feeling motivated and determined is fantastic -they are vital ingredients for success - but we must also include a large dose of self-love and compassion. Without these what is the point? This week, we are being kind to ourselves in every way. This doesn't mean we sit on the couch eating Tayto, it means letting ourselves BE and doing what is right for us on any given day.


Love the food you eat. Life is too short to eat foods that make you miserable - I truly believe this.?There is no point in eating bland salads and banishing chocolate from your life forever. ?You need to experiment and find healthy foods that you enjoy. ?If you can't find joy in the foods you are eating then you need to try something new. ?Don't eat avocados because some dude on Instagram said it's a super food, it's not so super if it makes you gag! Allow yourself to eat the ?not so healthy? foods; they aren't as wicked as you think. Overeating, on any food, is what causes problems, so balance is key. This week, try to eat mindfully. What does this mean? Think before you eat. Do I need this? How will this food make me feel? Is this food conducive to the life/body I want? Listen to your body, enjoy food and don't feel guilty about it - you have no reason to feel bad about nourishing your beautiful body.



Getting fit does not have to be brutal - it just doesn't! ?We don't have to be at war with our bodies, torturing them with excessive exercise. ?I think we need to end the war with our bodies once and for all! Let's use fitness as a way to feel better about ourselves, a way to spend time with people you like or to meet new friends. Let fitness open your heart and mind to new feelings and experiences. Even if you are training for an event or have embarked on a challenging fitness goal, approach it with compassion. Yes, you need to train hard if you want to see results, but you need to rest hard too! Your muscles heal and repair when you rest and sleep which enables them to change and strengthen. Listen to your body - work it, rest it, nourish it, but most of all be kind to it.


Let's focus on a bit of old-fashioned girl power! Let's join forces and help each other to stop the war against their bodies. Let's encourage each other by having positive, uplifting conversations about our bodies rather than ones shrouded in guilt and judgment. ?If you hear a friend or colleague beating themselves up for something they ate or how they look - we've all had those conversations - offer them a genuine compliment or simply stop her and remind her of her amazingness. Rather than focusing on the things you dislike, look at your body completely. Consider how incredible your body truly is and the marvellous things it does for you. Trust me; this can make a world of a difference. Our thoughts and words create our reality so make yours a positive, healthy one.

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