Week 2: Fitness Plan

Here at IMAGE.ie, we feel that the best summer body is YOUR summer body. Yes, the one you currently have. Sure, we can all probably do a little bit more to be fitter or a tiny bit more toned. Or we could re-vamp our nutrition habits to be entirely on the #eatclean machine,?but... it's summer (and there is Ros?).And that is why we love Liz Costigan around here. Her Positive Fitness ethos is one of the most inspiring we've witnessed in ages, she allows for us to be real girls as opposed to be some false version of ourselves as we chase far-away fitness goals. Liz tells us how to feel good, but most importantly to understand the further reaching effects of this- happiness. She also allows, no,?embraces cheat days. But we're not crazy with the connotation of 'cheat days', so we're going with 'celebration days'!

Today we continue our #PositivelyImperfect six week plan that Liz has designed for us. The goal is to feel the best you can this summer, (in all your imperfect positive glory) - which then will help you look the best you can - see? Simples.

Ellie Balfe
Editor of image.ie

#ICYMI: Week 1 of #PositivelyImperfect

Tweak It...


Congratulations on completing week one of our #PositivelyImperfect program. I hope you are feeling fabulous and enjoying it. Remember, you are a work in progress and change takes time. Try not to feel bad if things aren't happening as fast as you would like. It will happen if you stick at it, consistency is key! This week we will tweak your program a little. Let's take the time to look back on what worked last week and see areas you could improve on this week. Iron out the things that just didn't work for you. Getting fitter, stronger and healthier isn't punishment. Yes, there is a sacrifice but always be kind to yourself.


Reflecting on last week, are there areas that you can improve on? Here are some tips to help you tweak your nutrition so that it works for you and your life;

  • Try juices for food on-the-go.
  • Can you add something nutritious to your diet this week?
  • Go vegetarian one day per week
  • Could you try to eat more green food at each meal e.g. kiwi with brekkie, spinach salad with lunch, stir fry bok choy or broccoli with dinner?
  • Is there something you could reduce or replace e.g. two cups of coffee rather than three, replace crisps with popcorn, swap white carbs for brown?


  • Can you maximise your energy this week by training when you have more time? ?Think about exploring different times of the day for exercising;
  • Get up 30 minutes earlier to train before your day begins - I swear this is the best time of the day - once you get over the feeling of doom when the alarm goes off that is!
  • How about taking a longer lunch break and fitting fitness in during your day?
  • Are there classes close to your office that you can take part in before or after work??Weekends are a fantastic time to train - you have more time and typically are less stressed so you can enjoy what you are doing more.



Affirmations are short, powerful statements that have the ability to restructure our thought patterns. They can help you change old, negative thought patterns and create a positive, abundant reality. What do you want your reality to be? Here are some affirmations you can use to get you started. Repeat them daily for 3-5 minutes at a time. Just before doing you doing hair and makeup is a perfect time because you can look at yourself while repeating your affirmation. I feel fit, healthy and energized. I nourish my body with healthy food, I feel terrific. I accept and love my body exactly as it is. Our thoughts become our reality, so it is incredibly important that we think positive thoughts that make our lives richer, enabling us to live our true life and thrive.

Have a great week ladies!

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