Watch: These Wedding Dresses Will Change How You Think

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The virginal white dress is the undisputed expected ensemble for a blushing bride. For those that dare to be different, however, the ubiquity of white gowns can be a little boring. What if you want to stand out? What if white's just not your colour? In some parts of the world, vibrant colour is the order of the day, with many variants on the traditional wedding dress. If you're getting married this year, and you're hoping to make an impact with something out of the ordinary, take five with this video that chronicles the many jaw-droppingly beautiful dresses that brides are wearing in Asia.

Created by Buzzfeed, showing bridal fashion from India to Vietnam, Korea and more, their aim here is to make you reconsider how you think brides 'should' dress. Where whatever the hell you damn well please, we say, and if that happens to be a Swarovski-encrusted burlap sack, more power to you.


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