Watch: Two Irish Lads Sing An Adele Medley And It's Gorgeous

Irish duo Ronan Scolard and Glenn Murphy uploaded a beautiful Adele medley to mark her visit to Ireland, and?it has been making waves online.?Not only that, but it's been picked up by the likes of TIME, MTV, Mashable, and even USA Today. And for good reason, as their Adele tune is just beautiful. Last night, the singer herself played her final date in Dublin (sniff) and revealed that she had been spending more time online and watched the video! The 28-year-old said the clip "made her cry" and promptly invited the shocked pair up on stage to sing their rendition of some of her biggest hits.

Their original version is here, and we promise that it will be the best thing you watch this fine Sunday.

Ronan's the one playing the piano, while his pal Glenn is the one backing him up with those?beautiful?tenor harmonies.

The Irish singers are both professional musicians - Murphy has appeared in stage musicals and operas, while Scolard is a composer and arranger as well as a singer and pianist.


There'll be big things on the horizon for this talented duo.

The moment Adele invited them to the stage is also below.

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