Deleted Scenes From SATC's Final Season

Are you the type of gal who eats her evening meal in front of Comedy Central reruns of Sex and the City? Well, this news is going to be today's comfort food. Yes, deleted scenes from the hit HBO series have sprung up on that home of wonderful procrastination, YouTube.

It may be eleven years since Carrie and company reunited over brunch in New York after a brief trip to Paris, but these clips, which ended up on the cutting room floor, will bring you back to television heaven.

There's a lot of Big, and one scene in particular sees Ultimate Gal Pal Samantha Jones warn the divisive character about breaking her friend's heart. We all deserve a Samantha.

There's also a glimpse of Charlotte's ex-husband Trey. No one deserves a Trey.


Put the kettle on and dig out that boxset.

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