Watch: First Ab Fab Movie Trailer is Here

Organise a weekend in with a bunch of DVDs and champagne, the Ab Fab movie is on its way and catch-up is required. Edina and Patsy are back to teach us how to really live in this modern world, and this time they're doing it on the big screen. The miserably sensible Saffy is back, as well as Bubble. Jennifer Saunders is on scriptwriting duties and we've been promised a cameo from Kate Moss and maybe Cara Delevingne.

A short trailer was released earlier today and we like what we see so far. Which is cocktails and a speed boat.


Considering Zoolander 2's somewhat disappointing reviews, despite blanket media coverage, Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie is the last great hope for the fashion movie this year. Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie hits cinemas this July.

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