Watch: Couple Aging Is Amazing

This is something that all couples have always wondered about: what will we look like when we get older? Will we still be attracted to each other when we're 70? Here, this brave couple, who are due to get married in one month's time, take on one hell of an experiment. Made by Cut Video, incredible make-up and prosthetic skills are put to good use, bringing Kristie and Travis from their late 20s right through to their 90s. More interesting than the results, are the couple's heartwarming reactions to each other's changing looks. It's super sweet and incredibly emotional and neither one of them appear to be particularly horrified.

"There's a comforting feeling seeing this," says Kristie.?"Being about to get married, embarking on that, I couldn't be more sure that this is what I want."

As if your emotions couldn't get any higher after this most memorable weekend, we do apologise if this pushes you entirely over the edge.


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