Watch: Beauty Vlogger Transforms Into Barbie

Watch this man transform into Caitlyn Jenner, then Kim Kardashian, and then pull a rabbit out of his wig. See this girl use coffee beans to achieve the perfect contour look. The world of ?wacky? Youtube music videos is really where it's at for procrastination sinkholes, and the latest cultural contribution to this artform comes from Kandee Johnson, a beauty vlogger who uses the contents of her makeup bag to transform her face into something viral.

This time round Kandee has decided to create a Barbie look for her followers, with a 90-second time-lapse video doing the ?Whoa!? rounds today. There's one high-speed video with an extra slowed down normal tempo version if you'd like to give the plastic symbol of 20th century patriarchy a stab.

We're just going to reflect on a time when Lisa Eldridge and looking sane reigned supreme. Remember when beauty tutorials were all about nice smokey eyes and hiding dark under-eye circles?



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