Under Pressure

  • by IMAGE

Do you sit up all night fretting about the next day's meeting? Concerned you haven't written that will? Don't pull your hair out just yet. Everybody has situational anxieties when things are stressful, and some people have general anxiety that they live with all the time.

Your worry profile -?Which one are you?

The 360? You worry about the lot: the cat, your pension, your significant other, your job, your parents, your friends, your leisure time. In fact, you fret about everything, and nothing.

Mystic Meg You can't live in the now because you're so busy predicting the future. You tell yourself, ?If I do this, it will be terrible.? You believe your fear of an event means the fear will come true.


Nietzsche Like the famous philosopher, you're haunted by the big, existentialist questions. What's the meaning of life, and why are we here? These mind-twisters mean it's really hard for you to sleep at night.

The ruminator You can't let go of the past, constantly worrying about things that happened years ago. Regret is huge as you beat yourself up over things you feel you coulda, shoulda, woulda handled better.

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