The Season of Giving

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It's official. The season of giving is officially upon us. Lights are up, decorations are out and those Christmas jumpers are getting their first of many official outings. Although there's a few weeks yet until presents are exchanged, there's still plenty of time both now and well after the bearded benefactor has left, to perfect the art of endowment. And what better place than in the office?

According to Arianna Huffington, editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post Media Group and author of New York Times bestselling tome Thrive, 'go-givers' tend to succeed in business more than go-getters. Empathy with our colleagues, helping out new starts and being a team player make happier and healthier staff. What's more, the level of contribution made to society outside of office hours, has a knock-on effect when it comes to our overall performance levels, not only in the boardroom, but in life. Need some help? Check out these Thrive-inspired tips below to get your 'go-giver' going.

1. Inhabit the Habit

Craft regular time for small gestures of goodwill and random acts of kindness. What's more, be aware of how it affects you on a mind-body-spirit level. How does it affect your mood, energy and inner peace? Compare the feel-good factor with instances where you gave less of your time and chart the difference.

2. Consciously Connect


Make an effort to connect with those you encounter on a daily basis - the bus driver, the delivery man, the Starbucks barista who makes you that extra foamy cappuccino. Play with your edges and go slightly outside of your comfort zone with a few pleasantries. No need to delve into a diatribe on water charges; a simple 'enjoy your day' is a good start.

3. Share Your Flair

Bit of a dab hand in the kitchen? Got a head for numbers? An eye for a bargain? Lend your skill to someone who could use the help. Not only is this a karmic no-brainer but the guaranteed feel-good factor will reaffirm the abundance in your life.

Ann-Marie O'Connor @aocdotme

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