Susan Sarandon on Hollywood

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Since her Thelma & Louise days, Susan Sarandon's certainly paid her dues in Hollywood, so much so that she doesn't hold back in sharing her opinions on Tinsel Town. The esteemed actress recently spoke of how fickle Hollywood can be when it comes to how you look, how much you weigh, how old you look, so on and so forth. At 68 years of age and as attractive as ever, Sarandon is done with playing roles in which she's the one who's dying. (Although Stepmom was one of our favourites).

"I'm glad I'm kind of out of the dying groove... Then I played three alcoholics in a row" she said jokingly of her recent typecasting.

Sarandon believes that Hollywood is far from political:

"The good news and bad news about Hollywood, is that they're not political...?They probably would punish you more for getting overweight or getting old."

"In LA, you can lose a job over a head of lettuce in a supermarket if you're not all pulled together. You know: 'I saw her, she's not looking so good.'"


Evidently, Susan has no qualms in biting the hand that feeds her, and it's for this shallow, superficial nature of the business that Sarandon chooses to live outside of LA.

Next up for Susan Sarandon is The Calling, in which she plays a detective inspector who, we're told, leads a quiet life with her mother, her painkillers and the occasional tipple.

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