Did You Say Hello To Your Co-Worker This Morning?

You arrived at work around a half hour ago.

Did you slink in quietly, hoping not to be noticed by any of your co-workers? Or did you bounce in and greet everyone with a cheerful hello and a beaming smile?

We're going to take a wild guess and say that the majority of you are guilty of the former. While we know that friendliness before you've consumed your morning coffee can be a stretch for even the sanest person, is ignoring their presence really the way to go? Apparently so, as not greeting your colleagues in the morning has become an alarming trend.

Are you one of the guilty ones? Author Andrew G. Rosen explained to?Business Insider?why we're struggling to carry out basic societal niceties. ??Joe and Stacey work next to?each other," he says.?Even though they often arrive at work before the rest of the team, there's no communication between them. Only silence.?

Does this sound familiar? Not everyone is super friendly at 9am however, as Rosen adds, ?even a casual nod and mumble would be a lot better than the nothing that's now occurring at far too many work sites?.


It's not just about good manners: a simple 'hello' can be actually the key to a healthy balance in the workplace. Just think: you spend the majority of your time in the office, sitting next to these people. Why wouldn't you greet them when you arrive every morning?

Not to mention, that starting the day off right is pivotal to continue it that way. How awkward is it when you don't say good morning to a colleague and an hour later you need to engage with them?

So tomorrow, start as you mean to go on and say 'good morning.' How hard can that really be?

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