The SATC Storylines Were So Very Real

Eleven years after the last episode broadcast, Sex and the City continues to be a cultural touchstone. Rumours of more film adaptations were rife?last year, so it seems try as fans might, they can't forget about the show, which shed light and insight on an endless array of issues for women; some were utterly relatable, others not so much and sometimes, we just went WTF? ?For example, remember the episode were Berger broke up with Carrie via a post-it? Turns out that happened to someone in real life. ?In fact, every single episode storyline is based on a real-life occurrence - just in case you thought the episodes were brainstormed and imagined?on the basis of gripping TV alone - they weren't. According to the series creators, the rule for every episode was that each scenario had to have happened to somebody from the creative team for it to appear on the small screen.

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Cynthia Nixon (yes, she's still getting asked about her time on the show) - who played Miranda Hobbes in the HBO series - has revealed that every single one was true. No lie. "Even though crazy and outlandish things happen in Sex And The City, fantastical things seemingly, they had a rule in the writer' room that they couldn't put anything into an episode that hadn't literally happened to someone in the writer's room or someone that they knew first hand," she told IMDB Asks. "It couldn't be 'My father's brother's sister's shoe-repair guy heard once?' kind of thing - so the physical and sexual things that happened were real tales."


The now-iconic series still resonates with audiences today, from the original fans who keep going back for repeated box-set binge watch sessions (when will it be on Netflix?) to a younger generation, and Nixon explained why she thought this was the case over a decade after the show's end. "It was amazingly well written and very complicated in a way and so I think it's the reason it can bare repeated viewing," she said. "It's very dense and so much happens in every episode. The way the threads of the four different plotlines with the four different women intertwine is very intricate."


Below are some of our favourite moments from the series that are all the better and more relatable now that we have confirmation they legitimately happened to someone instead of just being based on an "I Wish" fantasy:

Miranda's Chocolate Addiction

Because this has happened to ALL OF US.


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