Rainbow Bright Wedding

Something would be amiss if we didn't give a nod to the fact that a whole new group of loved-up commitment-seekers are now fully legal in their right to marry. Something tells me there'll be quite the number of rainbow Pride-themed weddings, this year - and proud any couple should be, considering the journey they've come on, to officially tie the knot. Gay or straight, nothing says ?we're celebrating? quite like a multi-coloured d?cor scheme, especially in the summer time. The key with a theme like this (to avoid kids party associations), is to keep textures low-key and use your splashes of colour minimally, in ways that don't fight with the setting. Also, keep graphic and fonts sophisticated, rather than going the bunting and balloons route - after that, just have fun?

This DIY ceremony backdrop is a seriously impressive way to introduce your theme - looks profesh; can be knocked out, by you, in an hour or two. Simply collect paper lanterns, fans and pompoms from party supply stores and tie them to chicken wire on a wooden frame (which you've forced your handier half to assemble).

What could be better than multicoloured confetti to get the party started? Your ceremony vendors will love you for it (not).


Ombre flower centrepieces, on an otherwise colourless table design, are the epitome of grown-up style. Keeping each individual arrangement to a single shade and flower type ensures the aesthetic is clean and chic, for all its colour.

our guests will whoop with joy when you slice into this seemingly traditional wedding cake. Another perfect example of how seperating your colours and encasing them in white resultes in a super-sophis overall picture. Plus, imagine how hyper everyone will be, after all that food colouring!

Continuing the multicoloured theme in the outfits and bouquets of your bridesmaids - boutonnieres, for the groomsmen - allows each of them to express the colours of their personality... and it looks awesome in photos.

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