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It's that time of year, when the world falls in love? No, we're not talking about Christmas, we're on the Valentines buzz. If you're planning to pop the question today, but don't know what to do (your original idea was flushed by The Best Friend); fear not, we have some ideas?


Recreate the moment you asked your future fianc? to make it official, all those years ago. Whether it was on a park bench in Stephen's Green, or over a glass of wine in a dimly-lit restaurant, why not take the next step in the place where it all began? unless it was in Coppers; then you'll need a new plan.



In which case (weather permitting), a home-made outdoor cinema, for two, could be the engagement that romantic-comedies are made of. Have her favourite movie playing - yes, that means you will have to sit through Pretty Woman for the thousandth time, but it's in the name of love, so sit down and act like Julia Roberts is your idol. Plant your makeshift movie theatre in an open, green space complete with fairy lights, sweeties and handmade cinema tickets cute enough to melt the butter on her popcorn. Be super suave and rent a vintage car to enjoy the movie for the evening, we recommend a Nissan Figaro.


If your partner loves to share momentous life moments with friends and family, then organize a surprise party - ideally, in her favourite restaurant - and invite everyone near and dear, but keep them in the dark as to why you're all gathering. Fake a promotion at work, tell her that you want to ?go out for dinner? to celebrate and POOF you're engaged.

Ireland is home to some of the world's most beautiful castles, all of which are bound to have traces of romance in their history. Pop on to AirBnb or Hidden Ireland to find the one for a fairytale engagement and get that bad boy rented. Once you have the castle, stock up on candles, good food, chocolates and oh, the ring. This level of effort will definitely earn you the title of Prince Charming.

Oh, and if you're still fretting over the ring, take a look at these frosty beauties, for inspiration?


Pick up one of these alternative engagement rings to show that your love is like no other...

1. Why say it with one diamond when you can with seven? Yayoi Forest knows that diamonds really are a girl's BFF.

2. Indulge the one you love with this magpie attracting, pigeon claw ring from Tessa Metcalfe

3. Let your lady know that she's out of this world with Lauren Wolfe's otherworldly, rutalised ring

4. Classic, simple and elegant. This Loren Stewart sparkler is perfect to say goodbye to singledom.

5. Buy Irish with this beautiful 'You & Me' ring by Chupi



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