Motivating Words From Our Keynote Speakers

Tomorrow morning, three inspiring businesswomen will take to the stage to speak at our IMAGE Networking Breakfast event in the Marker Hotel in Dublin.?Kira Walton, Founder of VOYA, Trish Long, Vice President & General Manager Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Ireland?and Dr. Mary Ryan, consultant physician and endocrinologist senior lecturer in University of Limerick Medical School have each undergone their own remarkable journey on the road to success and before we hear the how and why tomorrow, we've rounded up some of their inspiring words about the business world to get you feeling motivated this Thursday:

"To enhance and grow you need to build the dream team. ?Build it and they will come? and with that business opportunities." - Kira Walton

"Do your research and don't be afraid to ask for help or seek advice. Own the fact you wish to remain within the company as you are committed to it and be realistic, patient but charmingly persistent." - Trish Long

it's imperative to build a strong team and hire personnel with skills that support your weakness's and excel in their field of expertise.


"Businesswomen must pace and realise there is a tomorrow; have a high self-esteem and be strong enough to know the boundaries and therefore avoid 'burnout'" -?Dr. Mary Ryan

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