Meet the man who made 'The Body'

He's the fitness trainer behind Elle Macpherson's outstanding body, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's supermodel physique, Nigella Lawson's transformation and Lara Stone's post-pregnancy beauty.

His Bodyism philosophy encourages Clean and Lean eating, in fact, he was the first to coin the phrase. Since 2008 he's sold over a million books on wellness, healthy eating, pregnancy and shaping up.

And this April 22, James will be joing editor-in-chief Melanie Morris in the Marker hotel for a special discussion on insights into his philosophy that have transformed the lives of many. Join us to discover his inspirational methods for adopting a healthier, happier life that will energise and transform your life.

It was summer 2011, and IMAGE's finger-on-the-pulse beauty editor Liz Dwyer had bagged an interview with celebrity trainer and author James Duigan. He was coming to Dublin for a whirlwind 36 hours of promo and I'd been following his story on?

?Can I sit in?? I asked. I'd read how he was the'man responsible for training Elle Macpherson,?Hugh Grant and Natalie Imbruglia. He'd also recently started working with Rosie?Huntington-Whiteley, helping her transform?(quite literally) for her movie debut, from supermodel to action hero. What I was more seduced by, however, was his Clean & Lean philosophy, and simple mantra?for healthy eating - Cut the CRAP, which stands for carbonated drinks, refined sugar, alcohol and processed food. It sounds so easy, if only it were.


Liz said yes to my request, and then suggested?that actually, she'd get James to come out to?IMAGE Towers for the interview, in case there was anyone else who'd like a few tips on getting bikini fit; his new book at the time was called
Flat Tummy Fast, after all. On the day, the?IMAGE boardroom was packed to the rafters?as word of our motivational visitor spread.

And so, four years later, with the memory of all that he shared that day still firmly imprinted on my brain, I'm sitting in front of him again. This time, we're in his cool Westbourne Grove members? club, and I'm hearing what's been happening to Bodyism, his fitness business, in the intervening years. The short answer is quite a lot.

Since 2008, James has become a global name with five bestselling books to his credit. He's also added a business partner, that of his Brazilian wife, Christiane - she's the face of Bodyism. Bodyism is a?philosophy, of self-respect, peace, love, improvement?and forgiveness. ?Our philosophy is to change people's?lives,? says Duigan, with utmost sincerity. ?Bodyism?is a way of training, a way of eating, listening to people, treating them with kindness and respect.

?I started Bodyism seven years ago, with €3,000,? Duigan says. ?Now I'm told it's worth in excess of €20 million.? He doesn't seem to be able to quite believe it himself.?Right now, we have Bodyism gyms in Australia,?LA, Mauritius, and we're in the process of opening?one in the Capri Palace Hotel,? says Duigan. London?is currently missing from the list, but not for long.??We're opening a new gym in an old post office here in Westbourne Grove. It's going to redefine what a gym is?about - comfort. We'll have purified and oxygenated air; the lighting will be uplifting, not oppressive, and will give out vitamin D.

So, does he still train all the celebs? ?Well, in honesty, I don't have the time to travel with them as much,? he says. Having said that, recent Clean & Lean devotees include Nigella Lawson and Lara Stone, who turned to Duigan and his team to get back to supermodel form after having her son in 2013.

Duigan's methods are kind, more forgiving than what?one would normally get from ?no pain, no gain? fitness trainers. His workouts, aside from being super-effective,?also have great names, like 'disco lunges?, 'supermans??and ?the non-surgical boob lift?. ?It's not about burpees?and jumping on boxes like some of those ?Instagram experts? would have you believe.? He's so sincere in his?attempts to improve people holistically, he'll suggest they swap one training session for yoga, or a massage.


It's an enlightened philosophy, and it's no wonder?Bodyism is the success that it has become. But?everyone wants some of James? time, so he's off again,?but not without confirming a date to visit Ireland?with IMAGE. I tell Duigan that he works like Louis Walsh, always on the move, and off his permanently?flashing phone. I'm right, and with that, he's gone.

James Duigan will be in Dublin on Wednesday, April 22nd for a special evening with IMAGE, in partnership with Newstalk 106 - 108FM, to share his insights for healthy, happy living over a discussion with IMAGE editor-in-chief Melanie Morris at The Marker Hotel.

Book your place now as tickets are strictly limited!

WHEN 6.30 pm - 8.30pm Wednesday, April 22

WHERE The Marker Hotel, Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2

TICKETS here €45 (includes gift bag for all)


For more information email [email protected] or phone 01 271 9653 @jamesduigan

Read the full interview in this months issue of IMAGE on shelves now.


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