McGrorys of Culdaff Is The Real Thing

You can stay home and watch Alex Fegan's acclaimed new?Irish Pub doc or you can live the dream. Sure, everyone has their favourite spot but habituees by definition tend not to step outside their comfort zones and this could mean they, ahem, we, are missing out. Big time.

And what a tragedy that is. Imagine, for example, ?a nightlife lived without McGrory's of Culdaff - ?a truly magical spot in the wilds of the Inishowen peninsula which hosts quality trad sessions every Friday night as well as visiting international artists from Townes Van Zandt, Kathryn Williams and Arlo Guthrie to Nile Rodgers? gang, who played a Halloween gig that had the whole village (population 200) gyrating til 3am. If that's not enough to propel you as far northwards as you can get on this island, picture stepping out for a smoke and happening upon a flash of the Northern Lights or taking a midnight stumble down to the beach to watch the Atlantic breakers pummel the nearby shore before turning in for the night upstairs.

If Carlsberg made pubs?.


"One of the great bars of the world." The London Evening Standard

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