Mario Testino's Best Men

World renowned photographer Mario Testino has long been a favourite among the world's movers and shakers. Put simply, you're nobody until this artist, whose career spans three decades, has shot you. He's as celebrated as the celebrities he photographs, if not more so, and it's safe to say he's seen a lot. From Kate Moss to Princess Diana, Testino has more often been associated with female photography. Now, the Godfather of fashion photography has come across with a book about masculinity, the definition of which, he believes, has changed over the years. It's a 300-page collection of some of his lesser known photographs of famous male faces. And for fans of Testino, it's his largest book to date.

Speaking to TIME, Testino says of 'Sir': ?I have never thought of myself as just a photographer of women, or women's fashion, and even though I am probably most known for that. [A book about men] is something I have wanted to do for a long time, and over the years I have had different ideas about it, but it never felt quite ready. I guess I didn't feel like I had fully explored the possibilities.?

?I believe men have changed,? Testino continues. ?I feel that men are more open to ideas and possibilities in many things including what they wear and how they look. Men have had these ideas put upon them about how to be that are generations old, but I think today they are more open to living their lives in a way that is right for them and not to follow a principle which is outmoded.?


Would you agree? Which pic is your favourite?



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