'A long and very tough journey' Rosanna Davison announces she's expecting a baby girl via surrogacy

Former Miss World Rosanna Davison has revealed she's expecting a baby daughter via surrogacy.

In a very honest and candid post, the daughter of 'Lady in Red' star, Chris de Burgh posted her baby news on Instagram earlier today. "As our families and close friends know, this has been a long & very tough journey for us, sadly with multiple miscarriages along the way. We’ve dreamed of being parents for many years."

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In the long-form post, the health and fitness Instagram star explained that she would have liked to carry her own baby but it wasn't possible. "I would have loved to carry my own baby, but for reasons unknown (most likely embryo rejection due to an overactive immune system) and although tests show excellent fertility, I’ve been unable to sustain any of my pregnancies, despite the best efforts of reproductive immunology experts and a lot of immune-suppressant medication, injections and intravenous infusions."


The 35-year-old says that she and her husband, Wes Quirke are "overjoyed" to be expecting a baby girl in November.

"We’re incredibly grateful to the team of doctors, embryologists, nurses, pregnancy coordinators, my GP and everyone involved in giving us the greatest gift of all by making our family dream come true, and of course our amazing surrogate for keeping our little daughter healthy and safe." said Davidson in the caption of her and her husband holding a cute babygro.


Rosanna joins recent women in the spotlight who have openly shared their struggle with pregnancy and fertility. This week singer Natalie Imbruglia charted her pregnancy difficulties while actress Anne Hathaway announced her second pregnancy with a social media post revealing it has been a long road for her too.
Today Rosanna described her journey thus far as " profoundly lonely, frightening, devastating experience for both women and men" and admitted that sometimes "happy pregnancy announcements can be very difficult to see."

Statistically, 1 in 6 people in Ireland face fertility issues and almost 8,000 Irish couples undergo fertility treatment annually.

We wish the couple all the best with this very happy baby news.

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