Lindsay's Start Up Ends Up in Court

Sometimes it seems as if everyone has a start up idea. Although, with the Web Summit raging through Dublin city this week maybe everyone should have a start up idea.

However, one person whose Silicon Valley dreams look set to crumble is Lindsay Lohan, according to Page Six. The actress - we've banned the prefix troubled - and her brother have been working on a fashion app these last few months but it seems their project, entitled Vigme, is facing all sorts of intellectual property issues. Vigme was intended to be a virtual-closet application but another app Spotted Friend is accusing the Lohans? idea of being a ?virtual clone?. With a court order after being slapped on Vigme it seems Lindsay's tech ambitions are on ice for the time being. Lindsay's lawyer did get the snazzy last word when referring to Spotted Friend's creator Fima Potik, ?"Fima's days of being a celebrity-leech are over.??Now that is a Google name search burn?

While some might say Lindsay should stick with the sporadic day job - she's currently acting in Speed-the-Plow on London's West End - many Hollywood actresses are trying their hands at becoming the next Ashton Kutcher.

Jessica Alba heads up The Honest Co., a lifestyle brand that focuses on non-toxic products, and Kim Kardashian's app has taken up storage space on way more smartphones than people would care to admit?


Another famous face getting in on the tech act is model Lily Cole, who is also speaking at this year's Web Summit tomorrow about her website From the pages of Vogue to a on-stage conversation with journlist Jemima Khan? That's how hugely succesful and driven millennials do 2014.

Eva Longoria on WhoSay

Eva Longoria is another one of the big names on today's bill and it seems her talk on how her foundation uses tech to improve strategy is getting people talking about gender.

Closer to home, Iseult Ward of Irish start-up and social enterprise FoodCloud is talking sense at the accompanying Food Summit about waste and the potential for change.

The fab Girl Crew, who we wrote about yesterday, are keeping track of women speakers at the Web Summit, 15% of the 600 speakers, with the hashtag #wowcrew on Twitter, so attendees have no excuse to miss out on women game changers.

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