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As part of our dedicated food week here at, we've been musing over the must have gadgets for any kitchen. Today, we're all about mixing, blending and juicing. A little word of warning though; these price points are a little high, you can consider these kitchen heroes worthy investments that will see you through a lifetime.

VITAMIX - For the wannabe professional

First up, let's take a look at the Vitamix (photo above). When normal blenders let you down, you can graduate to this master blender. So sturdy is this fellow, it would probably blend up your unwanted furniture, though we don't recommend you try that. This is an incredibly high performing and durable product, serving you as well as what you'd find in a professional kitchen. You can make anything from ice cream (in a matter of seconds) to hot soups, almond butter, hummus, bread - you name it. In fact you can create entire menus using just the Vitamix. It chops, blends, creams, blends, and if that wasn't enough, it cleans ITSELF. As per their website, this product really does redefine what a blender can do. And at ?600 a pop in BTs, you'd hope that was true.

(Pretzels made with the Vitamix)

NUTRI-BULLET - For the superfood savvy


Otherwise known as the 'superfood nutrition extractor', use this once, and you'll never yearn for another blender or juicer. Now it can't quite do what the Vitamix can do, but when it comes to making the best smoothies and juices (or soups) in a way that allows you to blend up even nuts and seeds and things that don't fare well in your standard juicer (such as a banana), there's no competition for the Nutri-Bullet. This writer couldn't start her day any other way. What makes this so desireable for any kitchen is that with next to no clean up, and a few short minutes, you've got all the nutrition you need without having to sit through mountains of fruit and vegetables. Healthy eating has never been easier. You can get your hands on one of these, also available at BTs for €120, it comes with a handy recipe book as well as three jugs and lids. Best €120 you'll spend on your kitchen this year.

KITCHENAID - For the stylish baker

Aside from the fact that this would just look stunning on your kitchen counter, the KitchenAid is an elegant must for the baker who wants more than a wooden spoon and a plastic bowl. It's got 10 speed settings, allowing you to mix, knead and whip ingredients without giving your arm a workout. This is to baking what an automatic car is to driving. No effort involved, maximum results. Usually a device that delivers such high quality results will be all boxy and ugly, but the folk behind KitchenAid have made sure it looks as good as it performs. You can get it in a number of stylish colours and it will set you back ?575.

Honourable Mentions

Braun Multi Quick 7 Juicer - €179.99 For those who want a reliable, super fast,durable juicer that won't let you down.


Kenwood Chefette - €79.99 For those who want to get into more baking but lack the space in their kitchen for bulky mixers. You can also use the hand mixer separately for convenience.


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