Jennifer Aniston Finally Talks Brad Pitt Split

Perhaps because she became known as America's sweetheart/girl next door, thanks to hit TV show Friends, and because he was held on a pedestal as the ultimate in, well, American men, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt's union and subsequent divorce has always piqued our interest. Yours too. Of all the celebrities to be watched, it seems the fascination with Jennifer Aniston's private life knows no bounds. Though we at don't like to align ourselves with dross-filled red top tabloids, we do enjoy the occasional indulgence in celebrity gossip. Throw in a cup of tea and a chocolate covered digestive or two for the ultimate in guilty pleasures.

For the first time since their split, (it's been almost 10 years and the media continues to frame her as 'poor Jen') Jennifer Aniston has spoken openly about their relationship and how their break-up affected her. Evidently, she gets that for some strange reason we collectively crave such insights, and while she's never one to over-share, she's beyond the point of keeping schtum.

"I don't find it painful. I think it's a narrative that follows you because it's an interesting headline. It's more of a media-driven topic," she told?CBS Sunday Morning.

"We've exchanged good wishes and all that sort of stuff to each other, but it's not a constant thing."

Indeed it is far more of a headline today than it is an experience for either Jen or Brad, but why is it that people (ourselves included) find this pair's split so addictive? Would we have cared as much if Angelina Jolie hadn't stepped in as Brad's new partner? Do we still view Jen as the victim to Angelina's 'homewrecker'? And why is it that the media feels so compelled to see Miss Aniston find her own version of long and everlasting love (despite the fact that she claims to be very contented in both her own skin and the arms of Justin Theroux)? Will Jen's fairytale not be complete until she herself has tied the knot? Will we be over it then?


Watch the video below, via Grazia, and share your thoughts in the comments box.


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