Jamie Dornan's Lands Heroic Film Role

Jamie Dornan signs up to his first post-Fifty Shades of Grey role in World War 2 thriller Anthropoid with Cillian Murphy.

Listen, when you're an actor famous for playing a mostly uninteresting billionaire with an ideal pantry space full of floggers, you try to add something completely different to the resum?. Which is probably the main motivation for Jamie Dornan, angel of the North, to sign up for a part in World War 2 thriller?Anthropoid.

Jamie, who is a former model for Calvin Klein in case that fact slipped your mind, will star alongside Peaky Blinders actor Cillian Murphy in the dramatic retelling of the assassination attempt on the notorious SS officer Reinhard Heydrich by two Czech paratroopers'during the Second World War. This incident was known as Operation Anthropoid, and remained an interesting footnote until the publication of HHhH, Laurent Binet's novel about the attack on?Heydrich's car in Prague during the Nazi occupation. While Heydrich wasn't killed immediately, he did die as a result of his injuries in the days after.

Jamie will play a Czechoslovakian soldier involved in the plot.?While Jamie's American accent in Fifty Shades was a little bit foggy, like the Seatlle skyline which his character gazed out at every morning, we think a Czech accent should present no problem to Mr. Dornan. After all, he was pretty decent at the European brogues in this hilarious Jimmy Fallon clip.


Source: E!

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