Thelma & Louise: James Corden Rewrites Ending

The chat show host teams up with Susan Sarandon to reshoot Thelma & Louise's iconic scene.

Is there anyone having as much fun being on the television as English actor turned US chatshow host James Corden?

The comedian's latest viral segment sees Corden starring alongside Susan Sarandon in three alternative endings for road-trip classic, Thelma & Louise. Look away now if you haven't seen the ultimate female pals flick, because we're going to get descriptive.

Corden replaces Geena Davis as Thelma and sports a fetching curly blonde wig. Susan is Louise, the driver of the car, and they decide to drive into the Grand Canyon in a bid to escape the authorities. So what happened after Thelma told Louise to keep going? The closing frame of the movie left us in no doubt as to the women's impending demise, but James and Susan figure there may have been some drawn-out awkwardness as they awaited collision.


Have a watch!

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