Irish Workplace Habits

Smelly food, slacking off and overused water-cooler conversation...

Given that we spend an average of 8 hours a day with our colleagues, it's no surprise that they wind us up from time to time. That's more time per week than we spend with our close friends or family, a LOT more. As for what grinds our gears, it's mostly food. If it's not a co-worker eating our porridge, left in the communal press, it's somebody else bringing a feast of foul-smelling mackerel into the office.

As part of a survey with Cadbury Ireland, celebrating their new Dairy Milk Oat Crunch, it appears that 34% of workers feel 'eating smelly foods' is the most irritating workplace habit. *Throws tuna in the bin. 31% can't stand people talking with their mouth full, while 29% says that chewing loudly drives them crazy.

We also get particularly worked up about colleagues who appear to kick back and slack off from time to time.?41% can't stand this behaviour. Interestingly females are more likely to get annoyed by this (45%) compared to their male counterparts (35%).?Of all the typical water-cooler conversation, 72% of folks say that 'Any plans for the weekend' is the most overheard and overused phrases in the workplace. This one we can certainly vouch for.


Elsewhere, Cadburys can confirm that we Irish desperately adore our break times. Almost 80% of workers think it's important to take short breaks.

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