Ireland is already the most generous country in the world, COVID-19 is making us more so

Over €100,000 has been donated to COVID-19 GoFundMe campaigns in Ireland to date

Ireland is already the most generous country in the world on GoFundMe and that generosity has continued over the last number of days. In March over 25 GoFundMe campaigns were started in Ireland relating to COVID-19 and over €100,000 has been donated to these campaigns already, €80,000 in just the last three days.

These campaigns focus on supporting those who have been affected by COVID-19 including campaigns to feed healthcare workers, support for charity campaigns which have been cancelled and support for the various industries that will be impacted during this time such as the arts community.

People are helping where possible by visiting and showing support with a donation to support those impacted.

GoFundMe International Director John Coventry said “While the spread of the Coronavirus has brought uncertainty and concern to many communities - the early signs are that people are already coming together to make sure that health workers, people in less secure jobs and those who may have to self-isolate are looked after. It's incredible to see people coming together already to do incredible things in the face of this unprecedented situation."


Top COVID-19 campaigns in Ireland

Feed the Heros

Artist Emergency Relief Fund 

Fundraise to help Irish Hospitals Fight Covid

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