#IMAGEinspires: 15 Quotes To Get You Through The Day

We're sharing our?favourite girl boss quotes with #IMAGEinspires.

In case you've been living under a rock which forbids you from accessing the fabulousness that is IMAGE.ie, you may not be clued into the campaign we're running alongside our annual IMAGE Businesswoman of the Year Awards. #IMAGEinspires is a celebration of hardworking women, the type of everyday heroines who make up our readership, and this year's shortlist of nominees. Read all about them here.?While we're getting ready for the November 2nd awards ceremony, we've decided to spread the can-do attitude this year's participants have inspired in us as we read and heard their impressive stories. Yes, we've made some stunning Pinterest and Instagram-friendly quotes to get you through the working day. Welcome to 2015.

We're sourcing ambition from the likes of Tina Fey and Elizabeth Gilbert, dismantling the patriarchy with Amy Poehler and Gloria Steinem, picking ourselves up off disappointing ground with JK Rowling, and getting real about email etiquette with Lena Dunham. While we're living in a connected world of wall-to-wall 'inspirational quotes', sometimes these snippets can genuinely help one get through a difficult day. Knowing that someone else has triumphed against the odds makes us feel like less of a stressed out lonely island. Shared experiences'makes a community, and a life without empathy is a cold one indeed.

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Buy tickets to this year's awards ceremony here.

BWOTY #IMAGEinspires.

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