Editor's Welcome: This Is March

If I think too long about why there’s still the need for an International Women’s Day (taking place March 8, by the way), I start feeling a version of what Holly Golightly called the “mean reds”. The more opportunities I have to highlight the incredible and varied achievements of women in IMAGE, the more aware I become of all the opportunities missed by so many others, simply because being female comes with economic, cultural and political restrictions. Lest we forget, it’s 2018 already.

We’ve made some remarkable progress since women (over 30 with property or a university education) got the vote a century ago.
On page 61, our newest contributor Justine Carbery highlights just a small handful of Irish women who have not just made their vote count, but have made invaluable contributions to society, both at home and further afield, and reading this gives me genuine hope. But there is still so much to be done, and that is why International Women’s Day is an important campaign to engage with. There remains an urgent need for the acceleration of gender parity, and any event, big or small, that helps promote this conversation is welcome in my book. This year feels particularly poignant, as marches and protests across the globe have propelled a feminist consciousness to the forefront of our culture and adds new energy to the women’s movement. You can check for activity in your area by logging on to internationalwomensday.com and if there isn’t any, maybe you can be the person to change that.

Among the seasonal fashion trends and shoppable editorials, beauty innovations and must-have make-up, IMAGE has always served as a cultural barometer for Irish readers, measuring and observing change. I like to think of these pages as a safe space away from all the noise. One that will leave you uplifted, entertained, informed and occasionally challenged, all packaged beautifully and topped off with a gorgeous glossy cover. It is important, after all, to remind ourselves of the power of beauty in the hectic modern lives we all live.





The March issue of IMAGE Magazine is on sale February 15.

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