Iggy Azalea Quits Twitter After Cellulite Abuse

What follows is a rant of sorts...

There's no nicer way to say this: sometimes, people can be total effing a-holes online. Whether you call them out as 'trolls', 'keyboard warriors' or 'sad, pathetic losers' who take pleasure in pointing out others' cellulite, for example, the world would be a far better place without such behaviour. Agreed?

Now Iggy Azalea is no angel - she's been known for starting Twitter wars in the past - but she in no way deserved to have her vacation hampered by some photographer with a super long lens, taking photos of her bum, highlighting her - SHOCK HORROR - minuscule amount of cellulite, only for people to later tear apart on social media.

She's a human being, and a bloody talented one at that. Just because she waxes lyrical about whatever she damn well pleases in her mega successful songs, does not mean that she is bullet proof and therefore impervious to pain. The advent of the internet and social media has brought many brilliant things, but the ease with which people throw shade at others - especially when it comes to others' physical appearance - is not one of them. It's ugly and as far as we can see, it's a problem that's worsening. Desperate not to react negatively and angrily, for the sake of her loyal fans, Iggy has decided to quit Twitter, at least for the time being, so as not to give any oxygen to such negativity.

Here's how she signed off:


1. Just got back from a?great vacation, came online and saw apparently it's shocking and unheard of to be a woman and have cellulite. Lol. (sic)

2. I just want to have peace and'relaxation'time without a perve with long distance lense hiding out?taking pictures, everyone deserves peace. (sic)

3. I feel the hatred and pettiness i see?online at?all times is at making me?become anangry person and I cannot be that. (sic)

4. To become nasty because of the way I feel iam treated would be a disservice to my fans and I promise i will try to keep smiling. (sic)

5. But I also want to let my fans know iam taking some time away from social media. I need to be happy and it is too negative and draining. (sic)

6. The Internet is the ugliest reflection of man kind there is. (sic)

iggy azalea



Do we really need to be reminded that celebrities are mere mortals like the rest of us? Can you imagine logging on to your Twitter account, after a quiet holiday with your other half, only to find that the whole world has been commenting on your butt? God forbid you didn't spend your every waking minute squatting away the dimples so as to please the gossipmongers. God forbid we were upset to learn that real women don't walk this Earth in a permanent post-photoshop blur.

For the record, this writer's derriere is covered in cellulite to a far greater extent than Iggy above. But this writer also thoroughly enjoyed scoffing four chocolate covered hob knobs in the space of 30 seconds earlier today and has zero intentions of squatting away the damage. Hater's gonna hate, Iggy.

Yours, dimply bottomed woman.


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