Titanic: How Leo Was Nearly Not Cast

The name Jeremy Sisto may not roll immediately off your brain, but there was a time when this actor was nearly a superstar, having been in the serious running for the male lead in Titanic. Of course, in the end Leonardo DiCaprio got the role of the tragic Jack Dawson, and a place in Hollywood history.

In recent days, Sisto has spoken about his brush with the part to the Huffington Post. ?That was one of the many, many jobs I didn't get,? the actor said. ?It's always fun to see a movie that you know really well and love with this alternate universe person in there. So while I was a little embarrassed to reveal one of my many failures in life, at the same time I couldn't deprive?Titanic lovers of seeing that alternate universe.?


Sisto is recognisable to movie lovers as Elton in Clueless, that guy who was mean to Cher Horowitz, a movie which has an undeniably better script than Titantic. So there is that.

Overall Sisto isn't too bitter about the whole experience, saying ?It was a pretty great experience. To be involved in something that had that kind of scope - anything James Cameron does has this huge scope to it. He's trying to push the limits on things. So I was just insanely inspired by it and a little heartbroken when the role didn't come my way.?


Sisto has had a pretty successful television career in the decades since, and is currently starring in American show The Returned.

Have a look at the recording of Kate Winslet's screen test opposite Sisto below - we think he was pretty good, don't you? Of course, that would have meant no Leo, and no subsequent Leo mania.

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