How Anxiety Affects Asthma

We already know anxiety can work a number on your gut and now studies are saying it can aggravate other health conditions, specifically asthma, Refinery 29 reports.?Researchers at the University of Cincinnati found a connection between the medical condition and anxiety sensitivity (that's the fear of fear, anxiety about anxiety if you will) after surveying 101 people who have exercise-induced asthma. The participants mimicked the breathing conditions of their asthma, breathing through narrow straws.

Unsurprisingly, people who had previously admitted to?higher anxiety sensitivity reported greater anxiety during the breathing task and also experienced greater asthma symptoms and decreased lung function. Scary, isn't it? At least now experts can work on ways to tackle the issues those who are anxiety sensitive and asthmatic face. Helping to reduce anxiety may help ease?asthma for sufferers - which is a great starting point.

If you want to read more on addressing anxiety read this first person piece from our Deputy Editor Caroline Foran on how she handles the foe. Also, seeing as we've just learned about how our lungs affect our anxiety, these breathing exercises are a great resource too.


For more information on asthma, check out the Asthmas Society of Ireland's website.

Via Refinery 29

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