How A Break-Up Affects Facebook Use

Break-ups are tough. They're even tougher in this world of Big Brother social media shenanigans. Do you unfriend? Should you make some of those sappy holiday photo albums private? What's the status on liking statuses? Can you leave sarcastic comments under self-important news links about politics, or is that a familiar slag too far?

A new study called Navigating Romantic Relationships on Facebook explores what happens to humans and their facebooks when lovers separate and change their relationship status, or as the University of Wyoming study put it ?postdissolution behaviours?.

Just over 200 young adults were surveyed and asked how they behaved on the social media site in the aftermath of a split. Turns out that 28% take a break from the site, with some keeping away from notification checking entirely, and others just reducing the amount of information they put on their profile. 10% didn't like letting go just straightaway and 'stalked? their recent ex and people associated with said heartbreaker. 9% just avoided that cesspit entirely and keep away from their ex's profile and unsubscribed from their feed.

Only 4% admitted to unfriending or blocking their ex. Are we the only people who think this is the best course of action when it comes to ending a relationship?

Nearly one-fifth did a little thing called 'relationship cleansing?. This meant they set about changing their relationship status and deleted photos and posts associated with their ex.



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