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Why bringing your yoga practice out of the studio is important

Yoga is called ?the practice? for a reason. Its benefits don't lie in the achievement of perfection and excellence - its greatest benefit lies in the dedicated repetition of the activity itself.

Having a hub for your yoga practice in the form of a studio, is a necessity for anyone into the practice. You want a community, as well as the class dynamic, and the extra impetus and focus that having a teacher gives you. Yet, a lot of yoga is about ?finding your own?- whether that be breath, pace, or the deepness of a stretch, it is all about your familiarity with your own body and your ability to determine your won capability. Being able to practice on your own is a good skill to learn, and for this reason learning to practice at home is important. IMAGE friend and yoga instructor, Luna Dolezal, says that practicing yoga at home is hugely beneficial - ?It integrates yoga into your daily life and becomes something you're doing for yourself when you need it, rather than just in a class setting. It gives you independence and builds your discipline and balance.? She also points out that it's better to practice a little yoga every day, rather than doing one intense burst per week.

The busier and more stressed you are, the less likely you are to make it to the studio, which is precisely when just a half hour's practice would be most useful and effective. Practicing at home can be a lifeline in this case. It allows you to gain the independence of knowing the poses and sequences you're used to practicing, thereby making them available to you whenever you should need them. It also allows for you to know your own body, its flexibility, pain points and areas of difficulty in a more intimate way than you could do if you were relying on an instructor or a class.


Bringing yoga into your home in itself is a way of committing to it more fully. You need to find a space for it, find a time that suits, and allow those around you to know what it is you're engaged in. But most of all, it allows you to achieve that sense of calm and soft focus that is the result of your practice, and find it within your own home.

Gisele Bundchen is known to practice yoga, and often takes pictures of herself practicing at home or on holiday, often with her super cute baby she had with hubbie American football player, Tom Brady. Images from Gisele's Instagram.

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